Beach Totes Under $50

Planning on hitting the beach in the next couple of weeks?  I can’t wait to get to the surf and sand with my kids this summer. We love the beach and I love the excuse to buy myself some fun new beach toys like a stylish-looking beach bag!  (Hey, the kids get toys so why shouldn’t […]


Protect Your Face From Summer Sun

Ladies, it’s hot.  And as we’re only in the beginning of the summer, it’s easy to get burned.Instead of having a sweaty mess of make-up that doesn’t protect your face, it’s good to use make-up that includes sun protection.   Because I don’t know about you all but while I rarely forget to put suntan lotion […]


Casual Summer Dresses And Beach Cover Ups Under $30

On a recent trip to Target, I picked up a black strapless beach cover up for $14.99.  It was so cute, simple and versatile looking that I proceeded to put it on for an evening event later that night. I dressed it up with a pair of heels and jewelry pieces.  Several people came  up to […]

Cleaning & Organization

Organizational Products To Make Spring Cleaning A Breeze

This time of year is always good for the improvement of the state of my house.  Things tend to get cluttered and a bit stale over the winter months and as the warm weather starts to peek through, I get inspired and start purging and organizing. I’m inspired to get really organized this spring.  The idea […]


Fun Flip Flops For The Summer

With the unofficial start of summer beginning this Memorial Day Weekend, I’m shopping flip flops! I just adore flip flops and love changing it up regularly.  Here are some great options to beat the heat with these cute styles on your feet:1) Romantic Soles from Dearme on Zappos – $45.002) Tapered Cork Flip Flop – $10 […]


Make Great Chicken With These Emeril Products

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to cook with Emeril.  I was one of five Mom bloggers taping an episode for his new show, Emeril’s Table, which is set to debut in the fall on the Hallmark Channel.The five of us sat at a table while Emeril cooked two chicken […]


Lunchbox Love From Home For Your Kids

A mini review of the Talkatoo:Earlier in the school year, I sent my son a note in his lunchbox.  “I love you!”  He came home and admonished me for sending him such an “embarrassing” message. But at the same time he then commented that maybe I could send him with something a little cooler next time.He’s […]


Eco Friendly Purchases For Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and while it’s good to support eco-friendly purchases year round, I thought today was as good of a day as any to highlight a few of my favorites:Skincare:My favorite earth-friendly company for skincare is Yes to Carrots.  Yes to Carrots uses organic fruit and vegetables for ingredients and mixes them with […]


Healthy And Fun For Easter-GrowUms

More than ever this Easter season, I’m trying really hard not to stick a bunch of junk into my boys’ Easter baskets.  Yes, they will get eggs filled with candy and yes, they will maybe get a small chocolate bunny or two.    But the candy will be kept to a minimum as I think […]


Happy Nappers-Pillow Pets With A House

My kids love infomercials and commercials.  My oldest especially will come to me and tell me that I have to buy X cleaning tool because it’ll “change my life.” The latest commercial both of my boys have taken to is for Happy Nappers.  They are obsessed with them and they keep telling me every day that […]


Indulge Your Spring Fever With These Workout Clothes

It’s been a bit of a tease weather-wise here on the East coast lately.  We had about a week of nice spring weather (including one 70 degree day!) that was just enough to make me and my family realize how much we missed the great outdoors.