I Let My Daughter Wear Whatever She Wants

When I was 14 and graduating from junior high school, I wore what I damn well pleased. “What I damn well pleased” happened to be a slinky evening gown. It was a basic slinky evening gown, mind you, sleek and powder blue without frills. Since I was a late bloomer, I stuffed my foam bikini […]


Stand Back Terrible Twos: A Threenager is the Real Terror

From the time we mention we’re interested in possibly starting a family sometime soon, we’re warned about the terrible twos. “Enjoy that sweet baby now, because the toddler years are around the corner”. No one tells us that behind the so-called “terrible twos”, the real monster is lurking. The threes. The truth is, the threes […]


What Raising Boys Taught Me About Men

When I had my second son, one of my first thoughts was “I am officially a boy mom.” Having one son seemed to leave me teetering on the edge of the title, but two made me feel way too close to spending the rest of my life on the bleachers of sporting events decked out […]


10 Easy Ways To Help A Mom Friend Who Is Struggling

We’ve all been there. A mom friend pours her heart and soul out to you and tells you something terrible that’s been going on with her child, or confesses that she is struggling with motherhood in a big way. Or maybe, your friend doesn’t say anything at all, but you can see the frustration behind […]