DIY: Stitched Wrapping Paper

Even if you’re only a beginner at sewing, you can create this pretty handmade alternative to brown wrapping paper. Make gift-giving really special with this simple DIY. Show the recipient you really care with a personal touch. 

Crafts for Kids

DIY: Painted Block Puzzle

All young kids love to play with blocks and put together puzzles, this combines both of these fun learning based activities and make a great personalized, homemade gift. You can make this block puzzle in little more than an hour, but it will be treasured for years by a happy toddler or two.


DIY: Chalkboard Gift Tags

This is a fabulous DIY that makes gift-giving even more fun. Whether you are giving a holiday gift over Christmas, a birthday gift, a Mother’s Day gift, or any other, these homemade Chalkboard Gift Tags make your present special. These are functional, pretty, and a gift in itself! Get the kids involved by writing the […]


DIY Peppermint Hot Fudge

From teachers, mailmen, neighbors and friends; everyone appreciates a little something sweet and thoughtful during the holidays. Here’s a delicious twist on something everyone loves: Peppermint Hot Fudge to top festive ice cream sundaes.