Gift Guide for Siblings

Parents know that shopping for one gift to share between siblings only makes sense, since they’ll probably end up trying to steal one another’s presents, anyway. This holiday gift guide will help you choose just the right thing for kids of a variety of ages and interests, from classic favorites with a twist to new […]


Easy Teacher’s Gifts

Last year, I lucked out. The class mom sent a little note home with all the kids asking each parent to chip in what they could and to add a cute little picture to be colored in. This year, I’m on my own. I’ve compiled a list of a few easy, fun gifts for the teachers […]


Christmas Shopping. Yeah.

As of the date of this post, I have completed 10% of my Christmas shopping. Yes. I said it. 10%.   I’m not normally this disorganized. In fact, last year I handmade all my Christmas gifts. Yes. Handmade. I was obviously psychotic. As for my lack of shopping this year, I blame a variety of things: adjusting […]


A Girl’s Favorite Gifts Under 20

We’re almost down to the wire to the end of the holiday season and I know that I haven’t yet made a dent in my holiday shopping list.There are so many left to buy for and just not enough time or budget. So I made a list of my favorite gift items that are not […]


5 Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Ideas

While the tie has become the gold standard in Father’s Day gift giving, well, more like the default gift when you aren’t sure what else to give, fortunately, there are alternative, more creative options out there.Check out some of these fabulous Father’s Day gift finds for the special man on your list.For the Gadget Guy: […]