11 Memorable First Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and while there are plenty of meaningful gifts available, buying for a new mom can be a challenge. See, new moms receive plenty of baby bottles, onesies, and bibs at their shower, but other than more sleep, what else do they really need? Probably something to help her relax, feel a […]


Mommy Must Haves: Milk & Honey

I admit it, I am a shoe fanatic.There I said it, I just really love shoes. Way back when I was in design school I took a beginning shoe making class and I have been drawn to the idea of making shoes since. So today’s Mommy Must Haves is all about shoes, but not just buying […]


Mommy Juice Wines-Because You Deserve It

“Made for Moms that change wet sheets in the middle of the night but are able to laugh about it in the morning.”Are you looking for the perfect wine to serve at your next Girl’s Night Out or at your next hosted play date? I have the perfect wines for you!Cheryl Murphy Durzy, who is […]


Sneak Peak At Fall Trends!

I know it’s blazing a zillion degrees outside right now and the thought of pulling on a pair of jeans just causes you to sweat more BUT now’s the time to get the best deals on some of fall’s hottest trends.