[VIDEO] Your Daughter NEEDS to See This Video: Robyn Lawley on Changing the Shape of Fashion

Watch this video with your daughter.

Plus-size (let's get real: she's 6'2" and a size 12 – even calling her "plus size" is an absolute insult…but such is fashion) model Robyn Lawley speaks to Ellen DeGeneres about her struggle to break into the modeling industry at age 16, and how she was called a pig because she didn't have "thigh-gap." After a hellish losing struggle with the backwards fashion industry, she finally took a step back. She tells Ellen:

Even at my absolute skinniest, I wasn’t skinny enough to model. IT was a really traumatic experience, I was 16 … to hate your body so much, to hold it responsible for not working and for holding your life back.

It was a huge turnaround when I started plus-size modeling. I gave up and stopped caring. I fell in love with food again, I started a food blog and dedicated my life to just loving food.

“Food’s not the problem. It’s society.”

See the whole, inspiring interview that has since gone viral:

Do we as female consumers have the power to change the fashion industry, or is it a losing game? How do you teach your children to love their bodies?

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