Stripe It Up This Spring

Stripes are everywhere these days — you can’t escape them if you tried.

However, I know some of you are afraid to wear stripes as they seem to widen you in areas you really don’t want to appear larger. Not true — stripes can look great on everyone as long as you know how to wear them. For example, if you’re large-chested, DON’T wear thick, bold stripes across your chest but DO wear smaller pinstripes for a better, stream-lined look that won’t make you appear larger. Here’s a few of my favorite striped picks for the coming spring season that will look great on anyone, anytime!

Tinley Road Long-Sleeve Wrap Dress, $59, at

Striped Boatneck Sweater, $49.95, at

Merona Zena Rainboot, $32.99, at

Colorblock Stripe Skirt, $69.50, at

Belted Cowl-Neck Dress, $29.95, at

Desert Moon Yarn Pullover, $108, at