Simple at-Home Manicure

Who has time as a busy mommy to go splurge on a mani/pedi?! Having clean and polished digits is a great luxury and something that we can do ourselves while we watch our fave show. Below are steps for a super simple at home manicure to help you look polished all the time.  


  • coconut oil or cuticle softener
  • cuticle pusher 
  • cuticle cutters 
  • nail buffer 
  • acetone 
  • base coat 
  • favorite nail color
  • fast-drying top coat

Once you get all your tools you can master your mani anytime you want. These items can be picked up at your local beauty supply store.

tools for an at home manicure, acetone, clippers etc


Step 1: Cut nails to desired shape. Apply coconut oil to cuticles to help soften.

applying coconut oil to cuticles to soften

Step 2: Using cuticle pusher, gently push back cuticles.

pushing back cuticles with a metal cuticle pusher

Step 3: Very carefully cut away excess skin buildup from cuticles. Also address any hangnails. 

trimming overgrown cuticles with clippers

Step 4: Buff nails to polish and create smooth finish for nail polish. 

buff nails with a block to help polish adhere

Step 5: Apply base coat and favorite nail polish color.

Step 6: Using small amount of acetone and angled brush, swipe away any paint that went out of the lines. Create smooth edges to look professional and clean.  

cleaning up nail polish

Step 7: Lastly, finish up with a fast-drying top coat. This will help all your hard work seal quicker to avoid smudging.  

applying top coat to nailsfinished diy manicure

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