Designer Paper Folded Toys — Ready To Print For Free!

Just when you thought there was nothing free left in this world, I'm here to show you it's not all true. Marshall Alexander, Paper Engineer, designs these amazing printable, foldable, enjoyable paper toys for FREE — with dozens to choose from! Click on to see the huge variety of toys at your disposal today, and get that printer ready!

Above blocks features a little boy with his box of blocks — endless simple fun! The PDF comes with the entire collection of blocks, boy, and box for free download.


Kaia is a surfer girl inspired by Alexander's time spent in Melbourne, Australia. Kaia is from Oahu sporting a red vintage bikini, ready to hit the waves. She's available for free download, in PDF form.


Easy Listening is a set with a tiny man, couch, and retro entertainment center. Great for a miniature dollhouse or any toy collection! Check out more from Marshall Alexander on his website, with new toy updates and more. Toys can be downloaded under the Free Toys section. Print, cut, assemble, and enjoy!