Your Pregnancy
Your Pregnancy

What Is a Doula and Should You Hire One?

During my first pregnancy, I was nervous about what would happen to my body and how painful labor would actually be. You could say that I had some first-time jitters about the whole experience and so my mother suggested that I hire a doula. I had no idea what a doula was at the time […]


What You Need to Know About Having a C-Section

I was in another country when I gave birth 11 years ago to my first child. To be honest, we were unprepared for my delivery. I was overconfident and I really thought that I would have no trouble giving birth. It turned out to be anything but easy. After hours of complications I was told […]

Your Pregnancy

Hospital Bag Checklist: What Do You Really Need to Pack?

When mamas to be go into nesting node, organizing becomes instinctual! High on your priority list should be packing your hospital bag…but don’t leave it ’til the last minute! By 36 weeks you should focus on what you need for yourself and the new baby. I recommend using your rolling carry on luggage. It will […]