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29 Beautiful Name Ideas for Summer Babies

Ah, sweet summertime. Once upon a time, the season brought the scent of tanning oil and feel of the hot sand under your feet. Now it brings always-hungry kids and a line around the block to get an iced coffee. For some of us, it also brings summer babies. Precious little bundles wrapped in muslin […]


40 Fabulous Unisex Baby Middle Name Ideas

You and your partner finally settled on a baby name after months of negotiating. But have you chosen a middle name yet? Sometimes choosing the right middle name for a baby is even harder than deciding on a first name. It has to blend nicely with the first name, plus your want it to meaningful, […]

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Adorable Short Baby Middle Names from A to Z

If you picked a long first name for your baby or you have a long surname, a short middle name works best to break up the cadence. But if you want to look beyond the more traditional middle names like Ann, Lynn, Lee and James, you’ll find that there are plenty of more unique options. […]


Prince Harry and Megan Markel Name Boy, Archie

If you’re like me, then you’ve been straight up glued to the internet this week as the world waited like an old school, sweaty-palmed, nervous, new dad in a waiting room, to hear the news of the royal birth. Moms and dads everywhere swooned when a pink-cheeked and obviously giddy Prince Harry gushed to the […]

Baby Names

Chinese Boy Names for Babies

Expecting a baby boy? The name search is one of the most exciting parts of planning for a new child in the family. Chinese boy names also work well for the middle spot, especially when paired with a longer Western name in the first position. Your baby boy will grow into the strength and power of […]

Baby Names

Beautiful Hawaiian Baby Names for your Bundle of Joy

When selecting the perfect baby name, many parents look to family origins or the inspiration of a favorite place. Hawaiian names can often satisfy either or both of these goals. Perhaps one of the most uniquely cultured states in America, Hawaii has its own complex identity. The rich history of the island oasis of Hawaii […]