Don’t Get Cute: Teach Your Kids Proper Names for Body Parts

I remember the moment I realized I messed up. My youngest daughter was on the potty for the first time, and my four-year-old came into the bathroom, crowding my legs as he was eager to join the celebration. His little voice piped up with an innocent question: “Where’s her willy?” I’m a mother of three, […]


How and Why You Should Stop Yelling At Your Kids

Getty Images “Stop teasing your sister!” bellowed Mary. It was a typical Monday morning and Mary was preparing breakfast for her kids when the youngest came marching into the kitchen crying. She told her mom she wanted to wear her tutu instead of her jeans and refused to eat her pancakes until she was given […]

Parenting Humor

25 Things My Three-Year-Old Will Actually Eat

If you have young children, you quickly realize that your little angels are finicky bastards when it comes to food, especially during the toddler years. While you try your damndest to pack them full of vitamins and nutrients, they’re busy trying to squirrel away poison and other inedibles in their chubby cheeks. Here’s a rundown […]


How to Talk about Feminism with Little Girls

I always dreamed of having daughters, but didn’t think about the hard parts. I was thrilled when I found out I was expecting my first daughter, and then again two years later to learn her baby sibling would be a sister. Growing up I always yearned for a sister, and I spent a good chunk […]