Dad Diets to Save His Baby Daughter’s Life

The number one New Year's resolution is to lose weight, but what if keeping that resolution meant saving your child's life? Sometimes it's all about having the right incentive.

Such was the case for the Eduardo Camargo of Bridgeport, Illinois, father of a 5-month old Jazlyn, who was diagnosed at birth with bilary atresia, a life-threatening liver condition that required a transplant if she was to survive.

Infant transplants are complicated, scary, and can bring on a slew of complications and emotions. Because of their size, adult organs don't normally work for a baby, so a baby in need must go on a waiting list for an appropriate donor. The exception to this rule is a liver transplant. The liver is an organ that can be divided and then transplanted, thus allowing a compatible adult to donate to a baby.

In this little girl's case, both parents were tested for organ compatibility and the dad was a perfect match. But the 35-year old father was overweight, so the strain on his liver meant he wasn't a viable candidate for the surgery unless he dropped a substantial number of pounds. Dad began a diet and exercise program right away, monitoring his food intake and sticking to a diet consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables and fish. He ran 20 miles a week, quickly slimming down by over 40 pounds in order to make the double surgery possible.

As reported, this story has a happy ending. Father and daughter came through the surgery fine, and this heroic dad now has more energy to devote to his three healthy children thanks to his life-saving weight loss.