How to Tailor Play to Your Child’s Exact Age to Boost Development

6 and above

6 year old friendsWhat kind of play can you do with a child this age?

Opportunities for hands-on exploration of the world are always a big hit with this age group. Try these activities:

  • observe animals and collecting bugs to hone children’s observational skills and allow them share their observations
  • send letters to family and friends to build reading and writing skills and promote socialization
  • enroll your child in organized sports, like soccer or baseball
  • sign your child up for dance lessons
  • toss or kick a ball around in the backyard as an active activity you can enjoy together
  • always show enthusiasm when your child is presented with an opportunity to try a new activity or sport
  • children will continue to enjoy playing with friends, so do provide opportunities for them to get together with others for free play, dramatic play, and active play

How does this play help child develop at this age?

If your child still can’t throw and catch a ball with precision, don’t worry. Practice makes perfect. Engaging in active play gives your child the chance to continue to build coordination and develop motor skills. Opportunities for observation and hands-on investigation helps children to gain a better understanding of their world and provides the basis for simple scientific understanding. As children play and communicate with others, their social skills continue to develop as they learn what it takes to develop lasting relationships with friends and family.

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