How to Tailor Play to Your Child’s Exact Age to Boost Development

3 – 6 Months

6 month old babyWhat kind of play can you do with a child this age?

Between 3 and 6 months, babies become very curious about their worlds. Try these play strategies:

  • let your baby explore different textures, like a soft fleece blanket, a piece of silk, and something made of faux fur
  • spend lots of time smiling at Baby
  • laugh gently close to your baby’s face
  • close and open your eyes
  • sticking out your tongue to see if you can get your baby to do the same
  • give him an unbreakable mirror during tummy time and you’ll notice he enjoys watching his face and movements (even though he’s not yet aware he’s looking at his own reflection)
  • talk to your baby and tell him about his world—try to get him to coo in response

How does this play help your child develop at this age?

The interactions your baby has with you and his environment will boost his brain power. As your baby listens to you sing and talk, he’s developing language acquisition. Now is also the time you may notice your baby tries to mimic the sounds and faces you make, which teaches him about social interaction. As he looks at you, his environment and his own reflection, he’s developing his visual skills and connecting the dots so his world begins to make sense. As he spends time on his tummy he’s engaging in physical activity and learning about body awareness.

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