Free Printables For A Stellar 2012

It’s the second week of 2012, how are you doing on your resolutions

We’ve rounded up five free printables to help you stay (or get back) on track. 

left: A New Year’s resolution printable designed to help kids reflect on the year past and set goals for the one to come.

right: From “weird foods to try” to “strange talents to pick up”, this wish list for the new year is full of categories the kiddos will love.  Don’t mind the small print (the kids won’t care if you cross out 2008 and write in 2012).

Sometimes simple is best.  As is the case with this lovely printable (and the accompanying post) for 5 days to a cleaner home.

right: Some pretty food labels in case your pantry needs organizing even more than your schedule.

left: a straight-forward weekly organizer/meal planner for those of us who still aren’t completely convinced the whole smart phone trend is here to stay.