Best Gifts for 8-Year-Olds


Scientific Explorer Sour Candy Factory, $24.65

Science and candy?! Sign me up! With 6 yummy scientific activities, kids will have a fun and delicious time learning the science behind making candy. Kids can make their owl lollipops, gummies, sours, and hard candies, and experiment with different textures and flavors for their own unique combination.

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Girl Scouts Cookie Oven, $39.66

Obviously Girl Scout Cookies are the most delicious treats on the planet (right?!), and now young bakers can use this real, working oven and learn how to mix, measure, bake, and then devour their favorite Girl Scout Cookie treats. 

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Spirograph Deluxe Design Set, $24.99

This 45-piece set, complete with various wheels, rings, pens, and comprehensive instruction manual, lets kids can create mind-blowing designs by mixing and matching patters.

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Freeze Big Boys’ White Skeleton Full Zip Black Costume Hoodie, $$6.06 – $7.08

Okay, so maybe this is the spookiest sweatshirt ever, but it’s also the coolest. And yes, the hoodie zips all the way up the face.

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Kidstir, $12.95/month

Encourage your little chef or start cultivating a new one with this awesome monthly cooking subscription kit. Each month your mini gourmand will receive a box including recipes, their own cookbook/binder, tools, shopping lists, and games.

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Knits Cool Knitting Studio, $14.99

Remember how we used to knit with knitting needles? OMG, so old-fashioned! That’s right, needles are a thing of the past. This cool kit comes with Knit Posts that make knitting easier and faster for kids. Right off the bat, kids can make their own infinity scarf, phone case, and a boho headband.

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