Why I’m Horrified by the KFC Incident, If it’s True

Jack and I are shamelessly guilty of eating out a lot. Sometimes it's just easier to grab something healthy than cook for two. I love eating out with Jack because it exposes him to new foods, new people, and most importantly teaches him how to behave in public—oh and I don't have to cook, hehe. So, you can imagine my horror when I read that a sweet little girl who is recovering from a pit bull attack to the face was asked to leave the fast food chain restaurant KFC, because her scars were just too disturbing for the patrons.


image via Facebook

ABC news reports that little Victoria was attacked by pit bulls (that's plural) at her grandfather's home. The horrific attack cost the little girl her right eye, as well as caused paralysis and broke her nose, cheekbones, and jaw. She has to wait for bone to regrow before she can undergo more surgery. 

This sweet little girl has been to hell and back, so stopping for some yummy mashed tots (all she can eat thanks to her feeding tube) after a doctor's appointment and being asked to leave because immature patrons couldn't stand to look at her is just unimaginable to me. 

Victoria's grandmother said the child wept the whole way home and won't even look in the mirror. Can you blame her? She was bullied by adults! Of course, fast food giant KFC is speaking out: 

"As soon as we were notified of this report on Friday, we immediately began an investigation, as this kind of hurtful and disrespectful action would not be tolerated by KFC," spokesman Rick Maynard wrote Sunday in an email to The Associated Press. "Regardless of the outcome of our investigation, we have apologized to Victoria's family and are committed to assisting them. The company is making a $30,000 donation to assist with her medical bills. The entire KFC family is behind Victoria."

I'm not someone who likes to throw around the idea of firing someone, especially in this economy, but if the allegations are true, then I hope some action is taken. Aside from the employee, I'm just scratching my head over the patrons who couldn't deal with this little girl's scarring.

I have a personal soft spot for this story because my father was diagnosed with mouth cancer in 2003. It was pretty epic and he had to have his entire jaw removed. His face was reconstructed with bone from his leg. It's been years and he's as dapper as ever, but there will forever be scarring and swelling. Sometimes one side of his face looks puffy and purple—and because of nerve damage, he often doesn't realize if there's food or a dribble of a drink on his lip or chin. But, we never encountered the ignorance this poor little girl did! It's his battle scar. This is her battle scar. She is a survivor! 

This story also reminds me of an incident back when my son was 4 (he's 6 now). He asked me why the man in our building only had one leg. "Did his leg FALL OFF???" He was confused by his missing limb and how he pinned his pant leg up and always walked on crutches. "HOW DOES HE DRIVE?" Jack was sincere and sweet when he confronted me and I told him the story of how that man was brave like Superman and fought in a war for our freedom. I told Jack that it's not what's on the outside that counts—it's the inside. Jack never asked me about our neighbor again and suddenly his shyness around him dissolved. "Hello!" he always says. 

It's my hope that people read this story, and visit the Victoria's Victories Facebook page and see the beauty in this little girl both outside and in. I SMH at the heartless people that can't deal with life's imperfections and I hope they are lucky enough to maintain their personal appearances and are never made to feel the way they made Victoria—a child—feel. 

Let's all remember to be kind. Please share your thoughts.