New National Holiday

I had the thought tonight that Halloween should be a mandatory half day and the day after Halloween—if it falls mid week—should be a new National Holiday where all adults are told to sleep in and all children are allowed to come off their sugar high in a leisurely fashion. Everyone could take down their Halloween costumes – except the pumpkins and leaves which would continue on until Thanksgiving – and take a deep breath, congratulating themselves for surviving the rush of costumes and candy.

As a working mom, I found myself racing to pick up the kids after work. I hurried them through dinner, while shaking out their costumes and hoping the smudges from their Halloween Party on Saturday weren't noticeable. I didn't eat, reasoning there would be a Snickers at some point during the evening and, if I was lucky, a Butterfinger. I quickly brushed my hair, changed out of my work clothes and into my go-to witch costume.

My sister told me I needed to branch out costume wise, since this is the third year I've pulled out the pointy hat, but with thirty minutes to get two kids fed and dressed, I didn't have time or the inclination for a more elaborate costume.

We got to my sister's house where we took the pictures that will preserve the memories and started the slow candy march around the neighborhood.

A girlfriend said it perfectly last night. It's exhausting creating fun memories for children—especially as it pertains to the holidays.

I think a holiday the next day is a perfectly reasonable request.

Especially since no one had Butterfingers this year.