Double Booked Birthdays

I’ve heard this sort of thing happens. I wasn’t quite prepared for the reality. This weekend, we were double birthday party booked. It was madness.

The invitation for Joseph and Elizabeth to their friend Hannah’s beach party came a few weeks ago. We were all excited to head to the beach for the day and splash in the waves.

Until we got an invitation to Joseph’s BFF’s birthday party.

This is the little boy Joseph has plans to room with in college and travel with to China to see dragons. It’s a pretty strong friendship.

Both birthday parties started at roughly the same time. The locations were forty minutes apart. The situation was obviously of the divide and conquer sort. But, as luck would have it – or not have it, as the case may be – my ex was working. So off to the phones I went!

I hit gold the first call out. One of Joseph’s friends’ mom was more than happy to have Joseph tag along with them. I knew the drop off time would make me late for the second party, but I texted Hannah’s mom and started the rounds. The proper gift went to the proper child. I left the second party early and picked Joseph up shortly after the first ended.

When I asked if he’d had fun, he paused and said, “Yeah. Kinda. All the other kids’ parents gave them money for the arcade but you weren’t there so I couldn’t play.”

Mommy fail.

Also, party host fail too. She hadn’t mentioned there would be an arcade. I should have assumed, I suppose, considering it was held at a pizza place.

I asked Elizabeth if she’d had fun. She paused and said, “Yeah. Kinda. I missed Joseph.”

Obviously divide and conquer isn’t the way to go.

How do you deal with double booked birthday parties?