altOn June 3, 2012 at 10:48 a.m. I suddenly realized that, for the first time in my motherhood career, I felt like I had everything under control, the kids were both happy, and I was actually an awesome mom.

Too bad it only lasted fifteen minutes.

Still, that moment was perfection.

I got up with both kids snuggling in my bed. Maybe it was the coziness, maybe it was my new purple sheets. Whatever the reason, they slept until 7:15 – an hour and a half past their usual wake up time. The three of us slowly woke, giggling and laughing under the covers until hunger finally drove us into the kitchen. Feeling less groggy than usual, I made homemade blueberry waffles and did dishes while the kids ate.

Looking around, I realized the hard work from the previous day meant there wasn’t a lot of cleaning to do. My house was almost spotless, my laundry was done, my dishes were washing, and the kids had library books to read.

Three hours later, I had bread baking, the kids were eating a healthy snack while drinking fresh juice out of a Mason jar sippy cup, and I was putting the finishing touches on Elizabeth’s polka dot nails. Neither child had tattled, fought, argued, made a mess, peed their pants, or thrown up.

I cleaned up the nail tools and realized a tiny bit of perfection.

It was pretty frickin’ awesome.

And if it only lasted until I tried to put Elizabeth down for a nap, I don’t care. I felt like a Supermom for those few hours and it was fantastic.

When do you feel like a Supermom?