Getting on the Potty Train

I don’t know why, but it seems I can’t stop writing and talking about potty training.

Maybe it’s because the light at the end of Diaper Tunnel is so close.

Or maybe it’s because I keep thinking if I talk about it enough and write about it enough, it will actually happen.

Back in November, it looked like Elizabeth was going to potty train herself. She decided to start wearing underwear and got annoyed when we put her in Pull Ups. She did fantastic. She wasn’t able to make it through a night, but she was dry all day – even after naps.

We went to Disneyland before Christmas. I put her in Pull Ups for the drive and at the park – just in case. She did brilliantly. She used the potty even when we had to run to find one.

Then, sometime around the first of the year, she just stopped.

Every day she had one accident after another until finally, I started to put her in Pull Ups again. I asked her what was up and she told me, very seriously, “I still a little baby, Mommy.”

It’s been like that ever since. I keep hoping for a repeat, but she makes it to the bathroom one out of five or six times. I’ve heard this can happen, but I have to admit, I’m a little frustrated. We were so close!

I asked her this morning if she’d like to wear big girl underwear and she replied, “I think I want to go on the potty train.”

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can stay on this train.

Any tried and true tips you’d like to share?