Before becoming a mom, three day weekends were for trips, parties, dinners, and an extra day of sleeping in.

Before separating from my husband, three day weekends were for yard work, trips, beach days, and an extra day of sleeping in.

Now that I’m a single mom, those three day weekends are even more special.

Between work and visitations, I don’t often get be home with the kids all day for multiple days in a row. And when I do, there’s always something to do, someplace to be. Not this weekend, though. This weekend we decided to really enjoy ourselves.  I thought I’d share the steps to enjoy a three day weekend – single mom style.

Step 1. Start the weekend off right by eating a box of leftover Valentine’s Day chocolates for dinner. Follow with a dessert of PB&J. Caution: Iron stomach necessary.

Step 2. Watch Tangled, Little Mermaid, Star Wars, and any other movie your children want to see. (Obviously age appropriate.)

Step 3. Work in the garden, swing on the tree swing, and have at least four light saber duels.

Step 4. Empty all the half empty boxes of fish sticks, French fries, taquitos, chicken nuggets, and mini tacos onto a cookie sheet. Bake and introduce the kids to a little thing I’d like to call “buffet” night.

Step 5. Paint fingernails, toenails, and don’t forget to draw tattoos on each other’s arms. (Hide the permanent markers.)

Step 6. Make banana muffins for breakfast and lounge in pajamas for most of the morning, reading books on the couch.

I promise, it’ll be more fun than a trip to Vegas. Well, maybe not MORE fun. DIFFERENT fun.

What do you like to do on long weekends?