Where Did My Little Boy Go?

Ever since my son started Kindergarten, I've noticed a disturbing trend: he's growing up.


Before school started, he held my hand while crossing the street.


Now, he walks next to me while assuring me that he doesn't need to hold my hand.


Before school started, he would have been afraid to leave my side at a crowded In 'n' Out while waiting for our meal.


Now, he not only finds us a booth, but offers to walk to the counter and ask for a to go container. By himself.


Before school started, he wouldn't have questioned when I take him into the women's restroom.


Now, he informs me that he needs to go the men's room because he's almost a man.


He's cleaning his room without help. He's picking out his clothes and they actually match. He's clearing his place after dinner, helping his sister wash her hands and reminding me it's time to potty train Elizabeth. He assures me that he can do his homework without help – though he still asks on occasion – and proudly hands me papers with stars on the top. He asks for instructional videos to construct his Legos rather than having me put them together, is learning to play chess and can actually get through half a knock knock joke before giving away the punchline.


In a few short weeks, my little preschooler has become an elementary school student. It's making this mom's head spin.