5 Coolest New Gadgets for Moms

#4: Withings Smart Baby Monitor

For new parents, a reliable and comprehensive baby monitor is essential, and the days of audio-only monitors seem increasingly old-fashioned and outdated. Thanks to advanced mobile technologies, you can now listen to and watch your baby remotely using a smart baby monitor that syncs with a phone or other device. Withings has created this modern monitor tricked out with a night modethat automatically triggers a built-in infrared camera when lighting gets too dim, a night light feature, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) technology that allows you to move around the child’s room virtually, and the ability to play a lullaby. If that weren’t enough, the Smart Baby Monitor lets you track the room temperature and humidity any time you want. Now if only it could change diapers!

Learn more about the Withings Smart Baby Monitor here.

#5: BenbiniMom Watch

Necessity is the mother of invention. The Benbini Watch was created by a pair of moms who needed help keeping track of their babies’ schedules (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?). Parents with newborns to toddlers are constantly trying to track time—hours since last feeding,since last nap, since last dose of medicine. Jenny and Jacqueline, the two women behind Benbini,decided there had to be a better way, so they invented a simple mom-tool to help. In their words, the watch is: Nothing complicated. Nothing loud. Something small. Something brilliantly functional.

The Benbini works via two rotating bezels surrounding the watch face that let you mark when tasks begin.The inner bezel measures hours and the outer measures minutes. Turn the bezel when you start—later, simply glance down at any time to see how long it has been since you started. Not only that, the Benbini has a little side button designed especially for breastfeeding mamas.If you start your first feeding of the day on your left side, flip the switch to L. Next time, start on the right and switch it to R. Brilliantly functional, indeed, the Benbini Watch is a cool little device that brings a bit of sanity to the scheduling madness of new moms.

Learn more about the benbini watch here.

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