Endless Summer Hammocks

There’s nothing quite like spending a lazy summer afternoon snoozing or swinging in a hammock, to make you hope that summer will never end.

Over the years, we’ve lived in a number of different homes, and in each one of them, it didn’t quite feel like home, until I found the perfect location to string up a hammock. There’s something about seeing a hammock strung lazily between the shade of two trees or on a deck area, to make you feel like grabbing a book and escaping into it for an hour or so. Hammocks can also be fun items to take along on  family camping trips too, to help make your campsite feel like home.

So to help get you inspired about adding a hammock (or two!) somewhere into your home or yard, here are a few of my favorites.



Check out all the festive colors found in this Yellow Aruba Hammock.  It’s available in a fade and mildew resistant cotton/polyester fabric in either Yellow, Blue or Red Striped patterns. And if you don’t have two trees or a deck railing to hang it from, it’s also available with a freestanding stand set.

Image: target.com




However, if you prefer to stick with a more neutral toned and classic looking hammock, you’re sure to fall hard into this Pawley’s Island Original DuraCord rope hammock.  It generously sized and includes zinc-plated steel hardware to make tree installation super easy. And if you live in an area that gets a lot of direct sunlight, you’ll appreciate that it’s DuraCord rope construction gives you the soft look and feel of an original all cotton hammock, but it’s far more durable and resists mildew and rotting.

Image: amazon.com




Or how about this Byer Amazonas Barbados Hammock that’s handcrafted in the Brazilian style? Brazilian Hammocks have traditionally been styled in such a way so that you can lie on them either vertically or diagonally while you dream away the summer afternoon. This one is available in 3 different color combinations, Blue Sky (as shown), Mocha or Rainbow. Plus, it’s sized generously enough, that you can snooze by yourself, or cozy up with your significant other to create a romantic evening for the two of you.

Image: rei.com