Veterans Today

Veterans DayWhen I was a kid, Veterans fell into two categories: old men who spoke of "The Great War" and members of the A-Team. The ones closer to my parents' age—the ones who spoke of 'Nam—seemed almost as old as the teacher who sat at his desk and told us of D-Day. Today that picture is vastly changed.

Today, when I think of Veterans, they fall into many, many categories.

The woman I drunkenly sang with at karaoke when we were in our mid-20's with our mini skirts and back baring tops.

The man I dated and who brought me home a Navy cap from a first deployment when we were too young to drink. And his present-day wife.

My cousin who I read The Cat in the Hat to before bedtime when he was a kindergartner and I was in my twenties.

My cousin who teased and annoyed me.

The boy who went to my high school and helped me dissect a frog.

The man I dated who made me laugh when I wanted to cry.

The woman I worked with who wore her long hair in braids.

The boy at the restaurant who looks too young to drink.

The couple I stood next to and witnessed their marriage vows.

The picture may have changed, but the job description has not. To all of them, I say thank you.