In my mind, doing the laundry is one step above bathroom duty—it’s a seemingly never-ending chore I would gladly hand off to someone else, if only I could!

With kids and a husband, it seems like every time I finish the last load of laundry, another mountain of dirty clothes accumulates in the hamper; it’s just like my email inbox (except with clothes I don’t have the option to drag them to the trash!). I am constantly cutting corners with the laundry; I’ve dropped white socks in with the dark clothes and combined whites with light color loads.

For me, the two most important factors when it comes to finding a quality detergent are:

  • ·         a nice, fresh scent
  • ·         excellent color guard protection

This week, I decided to try Tide’s Vivid White + Bright liquid detergent on a few loads.  First, I tested it on a load of darks that included my children’s clothes and my workout gear—the same gear I ran 8 miles in over the weekend. When the load finished I was pleasantly surprised, Tide’s Vivid White + Bright smelled great. It wasn’t overpowering like some detergents, the clothes smelled fresh and clean. Even my previously grimy workout gear smelled great!

But, I needed to do more testing; the scent was great, but what about the color guard? I bought a vibrant bright red towel and threw it into the wash with some black leggings and a pair of white socks. I was shocked when the load finished—the white socks stayed white, neither the black nor the fuchsia colors bleed into the white cotton socks.  

I just found my new favorite detergent!

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Tide via totallyher. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Tide.