Review: Becky & Lolo Vinyl Wall Stickers

One of the most fun things about decorating a nursery for your child is personalising it.

Vinyl wall stickers are a great way to do that because they are easy to use and give you a lot of freedom in terms of placing them however you choose to create your own unique and fun wall art designs.

I chose my wall stickers from Becky & Lolo because they have a wide range of stickers and a good reputation.  When you consider the size of wall you can cover with their sticker sets, they work out exceptionally good value.  I chose “Cats and Dogs Large Wall Stickers” and, as you can see in the picture they look great on the wall.  The picture above is only a selection of the stickers (the cats), as I put the dogs on the opposite wall (as you can see below).  

vinyl wall decals

Placing the stickers on the wall is very easy.  I’d recommend having a look at all the stickers and deciding where you want them first, as this makes placing them easier.  The stickers can also overlap so decide which order to stick them to the wall beforehand to save having to peel them off and change them.

As well as sets of different stickers, Becky & Lolo also have sets of small stickers that go together to make a large piece of art, such as a stunning tree which makes a beautiful feature for any room.  Whichever stickers you choose you will have an eye catching wall decoration and they have stickers suitable for girls’ rooms, boys’ rooms as well as more neutral, unisex stickers.  If you have older children, they will no doubt love helping you place the stickers on the wall.

My favourite feature of the stickers is that you can remove them and replace them somewhere else, and they leave no residue behind.  This means that, if you change your mind after placing a sticker, it’s easy to move it to another area of the wall.  I repositioned some of mine several times to test this out and they do not seem to have lost any of their stickiness.

One thing you should bear in mind is that vinyl wall stickers do not stick that well to textured surfaces, so if you have a textured wall, you might find they don’t stick well.  It’s better to choose a non-textured area to stick them to such as a different wall.  If you don’t have any non-textured walls, they stick really well to other smooth furniture such as cots, wardrobes and chests of drawers so don’t feel they only have to go on walls.

Overall, since I can’t fault these stickers, I would have to rate them 10/10 and friends that have visited have already bought their own since seeing mine, because they were so impressed.

You can browse and buy from Becky & Lolo’s huge selection.