‘Mob Wives’ cast members make a stop by the Rachael Ray Show.

Renee Graziano, Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola, and Drita D’Avanzo, stars of the hit VH1 reality show, took some time to hang out with Rachael Ray (episode airs today, February 16). The ladies chatted about their kids, the concept of the show, and who brings the drama. They also let Rachael give them a make-under!

A sneak peek at their talk:

Renee says she’s the one who brings the drama to the show:

“Outta the three of us? Oh, it’s me! it’s definitely me!”

Renee’s younger sister created the concept of the show:

“Jennifer, my younger sister, my brilliant younger sister and I say she’s brilliant and this is not speaking on a “Mob thing”, this is speaking that she put a great cast together. She took it to a level that she wants women to know what our struggles are so we can help other women that are in the same position or similar positions to us as well. So kudos to Jennifer.”

Renee thanks the Post for a recent article that they wrote about her:

“Well, first I’d like to thank the Post. Mr. Maddux, because the picture was great. I gotta be honest I’m really happy with the picture and especially with the article because the truth of the matter is for me it’s extremely personal. Not so much because it’s my dad or my ex husband. It’s because my son is involved. I think as mothers here, that is really the seriousness of it. What my ex husband did to my father and the other families is disgraceful.”

Are you watching the ‘Mob Wives’? Season 2 just kicked off this week!


Photos Courtesy of Rachael Ray