20 Kid-Approved Make Ahead Meals

I’ve promised myself time and time again that I would try to make dinner more often.  I’m so bad at being on top of dinnertime, which usually results in deli sandwiches, or worse, eating out. Since the new year, I’ve been determined to turn to take out less.

One thing that’s helped out a lot is to have meals prepped ahead of time. Getting the hard work out of the way before my hectic week starts will help so much. But having a child provides one more obstacle to hurdle: will my son like these meals, too? Luckily, I’ve done the kid-testing for you: here are 20 make-ahead meals that my son loves…and your kids will love, too. Make ’em, then freeze or refrigerate until mealtime.

Happy cooking!

primary image: Getty/Wiktory

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