Jaime Pressly: 5 Things about Motherhood that I Never Expected

Jaime PresslyMultitasking

I had no idea that I could get so many things done at one time and all in one day. I mean, I’ve always been a Type A kind a person, but motherhood definitely took it to another level. Mothers can literally save the world, cook dinner, have a business meeting over the phone, and get all their holiday shopping done in a matter of 15 minutes.

Mother’s Intuition

I’d always heard about mother’s intuition and had, of course, experienced woman’s intuition, but my ability to feel my son’s every move when he’s not even with me, is amazing to say the least! I just know when something’s up, whether good or bad, at all times. Recently, I woke up abruptly at 2AM worried about Dezi. When I went in his room to check on him, he was talking in his sleep having a bad dream.


Before I had my son, Dezi, I could fall asleep anywhere and would sleep through an earthquake. I actually slept through a 7.4 and never even knew it hit! Since then, I find it very difficult to nap, and I wake up if the wind blows. Never knew I could function on so little sleep either.


To this day, it still amazes me that my kisses (no one else’s) are actually the best medicine for boo boos! It doesn’t matter how much numbing cream or ice I put on Dezi’s boo boos, they never stop hurting until I kiss them. Moms are always the best medicine. Our arms to hold them tight and our kisses make all the bad stuff disappear. Brilliant!


It’s true what they say about patience. You never truly know what patience is until you have your own child. Learning and gaining the “patience of a parent” has been one of the most life changing lessons I’ve learned. Having a Type A personality never leant itself well to having patience. Having my lil boy forced me to take a deep breath. It’s made me realize that not everything is always gonna happen how I want it to or when I want it to, but it WILL happen as long as I follow through and practice the “patience of a parent.”

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