This Iggy “Fancy” “I’m So Pregnant” Parody Is the Best Thing You’ll See All Day


This video made my day. I can totally relate to it as someone who really is soooooo pregnant. Scenes from the video that are so my life right now: The total inability to bend over, see my feet, or get comfortable in bed. Peeing every 10 seconds. The heartburn, oh the heartburn.

And here's the thing: Watching this hilarious take on those things that are making me wish I could fast-forward through the rest of my third trimester actually made me feel less miserable. (Having the air conditioning on full-blast and bottomless bowls of salted caramel ice cream also helps.)

Even if you're not pregnant right now — and if that's the case, I'm envying you for the super cute summer dresses (with the waistlines) you're wearing  — you'll LOL when you watch this..

Watch it now: