DIY Spiral Acorn Tree

I love to bring natural materials into my decor for the Holidays. This woodsy DIY spiral acorn tree is an inviting detail for your guests to discover throughout your home. Using acorns that you and your kids can collect by taking a stroll outside, makes this DIY an economical one.


  • Styrofaom cone
  • Acorns
  • Straight pins
  • Glue gun and glue

Sprial Acorn Tree - PIC 2


Step 1: Start by creating the spiral with your straight pins. They are easy to adjust and place where you see fit. These will act as a guide for your first row.Sprial Acorn Tree - PIC 3Step 2: Once your spiral looks eye-pleasing to you, glue your first acorn to the bottom of the cone, right above your pin. Keep gluing acorns around the spiral. Once the first spiral is complete, just glue on the next row, and so on.Sprial Acorn Tree - PIC 4Step 3: Place the trees in groups for maximum effect!Sprial Acorn Tree - PIC 5