Such a useful little agent for crafting!  

Use a monochromatic color scheme like ours, or popular rainbow colors to give a fun and funky vibe to any room.


  • Wooden Letter (I painted mine to match buttons)
  • Buttons in your color choice
  • Mini pearl beads
  • Glue Gun 


Begin at the top right of the initial.  This helps with planning and placement.  Use a small dot of hot glue to secure the first button

Lay out a few buttons to make sure your placement is correct, then remove and apply glue to set.  Don’t worry about gaps, we will take care of those soon

Place the mini pearl beads in the most prominent gaps.  To help with gluing, use a toothpick or tweezers to hold the bead while you apply glue to the bead and then place on the initial

Continue until the initial is covered in buttons and pearls.   Enjoy!