23 Reasons Why I’m Grateful to Be Mason’s Mommy

Ilost a baby in August. My miscarriage was (and still is) heartbreaking, but it has made me feel even more grateful for my healthy, beautiful three-year-old son Mason. Because here's the thing: Even in those dark moments when I'm mourning the loss of Mason's little brother, who would have been born in February, I can't help but think how incredibly lucky I am to have my thriving, quirky little Mason. In fact, reflecting on all the reasons that I'm so fortunate to be Mason's mommy has helped me heal from my loss. In honor of the season for being thankfful, I'm sharing my list with you. (Don't forget to share why you're so thankful to be a mom in the comments section!)

1. Belly laughs

2. Big, eye-crinkling smiles

3. Sloppy little boy kisses

4. Giant little boy hugs

5. Super Man jammies

6. Wispy blonde curls

7. Hearing "I love you, mommy!"

8. Listening to his little voice while he tells me about his day at school

9. Cuddle time on the couch

10. Road trips with him singing his ABCs in the back seat

11. Afternoon playtime in Prospect Park

12. Playing trains at 6 a.m.

13. "Date" nights at our favorite French cafe

14. Little boy hats and shoes

15. Play dates at Shady Park

16. Mommy-Mason yoga

17. Adventures on the 7 and 4 trains

18. Make-believe in his kitchen

19. Bathtime with squeaky toys

20. Watching the boats on the East River

21. Art time with puppy-shaped markers

22. His sweet, loving spirit

23. Those ornery moments I wouldn't trade for anything!

Care to share why you're grateful to be a mom?