Why I’m Happy My Kid Buys Lunch At School

It’s that time of year again. You see it in almost every store you walk into, the commercials on TV, the adds on the internet … Back-to-school time! Parents everywhere are smiling and gasping at the same time. Summer does fly by, but most kids get bored being at home and let’s face it, they […]


Amy Schumer Is Keeping It Real With Her Mesh Undies

The female comedian extraordinaire, Amy Schumer, known for keeping all things real and relatable, especially when it comes to being a woman — is making us laugh yet again with her take on postpartum care. Just five weeks after giving birth to her son, Gene, Schumer is sharing her wisdom and pics on Instagram of […]


Here’s Why I Could Never Homeschool My Kids

Homeschooling seems to be on the rise. And I gotta say, I really top my hat off to the moms who homeschool their kids. I am sure these moms have good reasons to teach their kids at home, but when my oldest entered kindergarten last year, it didn’t even cross my mind. I love my […]


Eating Out With Our Kids Is Too Much Work For Us

My girls and I met my husband for lunch the other day. They were both home from school and I thought it’d be a fun treat to meet Daddy for a nice sit-down at a restaurant. I suppose my motherhood amnesia made me forget that damn near every time we eat out (anywhere) it is […]


How Debt Consolidation Saved My Sanity

The average American household has around $5,331 in credit card debt according to CreditDonkey. As sad as this is for me to admit, for once in my life I am above average because up until recently the credit card debt in our household was closer to $12,000. And that was a heavy load for me […]


5 Best Side Hustle Ideas for Busy Moms

If you’re a mom with young kids, there is no doubt you’re busy AF. And for some moms, even the moms who stay-at-home, often want to earn a little extra side cash for entertainment expenses, clothes, or just fun spending money you don’t want your spouse to know about. Hello, Amazon. Because let’s be honest, […]


The Love-Hate Relationship Between Sisters

My daughters are three and one-half years apart. My sister and I are three years apart. When I found out I was having a girl the second time around (and with two ultrasounds to prove the sex of my baby) I was elated! And when my OB told me the good news she also chuckled […]