Feed the Whole Family With This Slow Cooker Beef Ragu

If you know me, there’s hardly a slow cooker recipe that I haven’t tried. But slow cooker beef ragu was one of them. I’d seen pictures of it but never actually tasted it or made it myself—maybe because I thought it sounded too fancy or complicated. Turns out, it is ridiculously easy to make, and […]


Here’s The Only Acai Bowl Recipe You Need

  Lately, acai bowls have supplanted kale chips as the health food world’s biggest nutritional darling. So what’s an acai bowl? It’s kind of like an acia berry smoothie topped with fruit, nuts, granola, and seeds. Acai bowls can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a healthy snack, yet they’re sweet enough to also be considered dessert. […]


The Best (& Easiest) Sheet Cakes Ever

I don’t really like cake. I’m more of a dense and fudgy brownie or cookie type of person. However, I’ll make one exception: sheet cakes. Sheet cakes are by no means considered a sophisticated dessert. There are no fancy layers, no time-consuming ganache, no ombré colors. But they are unbelievably easy to prepare, and they bake […]


10 Delicious Matcha Recipes to Try Now

  Have you noticed that matcha is the new kale these days? Seriously. You can’t go on Pinterest or into a bakery or even a grocery store without seeing it in the form of cheesecakes, smoothies, cookies, cakes, ice cream, or some other delicacy. If you aren’t familiar with matcha, it is essentially a form […]


11 Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers to Feed a Crowd

When it comes to your Thanksgiving meal, the turkey (or in my house, the corn pudding) is usually the main attraction. But there’s a lot of waiting before you actually get to eat the turkey and the side dishes. And the last thing you want is the entire family crowded in the kitchen picking at […]