I Like My Kids Better When They Aren’t Together

I remember leaving the house for the first time after becoming a mother. It was just me and the baby. I was carrying no less that 40 pounds of baby gadgets and “just in case” items. The diaper bag looked more like luggage for a long-term vacation than a quick trip to Target. We’d been gone […]


I’m A Neat Freak, Raising A Pack Rat Who Loves Clutter

Clutter has always caused me anxiety. My daughter’s bedroom falls somewhere between overstocked flea market and overstuffed dumpster. Walking in there for any reason nearly causes me to breakout in hives. She lives the life of a pack rat, and she lives it well. Her bed is more of a nest, constructed with every blanket, […]


Which Toy Story Character Are You?Sponsored content

I was 10 the first time my family visited Walt Disney World Resort. Despite being crammed in the back of a conversion van with my sister while we drove halfway across the country, I remember it fondly as my favorite childhood vacation. There’s no place quite like Walt Disney World; it’s truly magical. The streets […]


My Family and I Were Victims of a Home Invasion

It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon, seemingly like any other. I was at work preparing for a meeting when my cell phone rang. It was my husband. I silenced the call with the intention of getting back to him after the meeting, but a few seconds later he called again. I knew at that moment, something […]

Married Life

My Kids Getting Older Has Been Amazing for My Marriage

I remember before we had kids, my husband and I would spend hours talking and laughing. We consulted each other about everything—big things and little things. I loved hearing his opinions, even when they didn’t mirror my own. We genuinely enjoyed each other’s company, even we were just sitting in silence. Then we became parents, […]

Relationship Advice

How To DIY With Your Spouse And Not File For Divorce

I’ve been with my husband for 14 years; we’ve been married for 10 of those. During that time, we have completed countless DIY projects together, including building our current home. We didn’t hire a contractor and did as much work as possible ourselves. When we first started talking about building a home together, we got a […]