Parenthood Has Made Me a Total Hypocrite

I’ll never forget the smug look on my husband’s face the first time I slung a cuss fit in front of our firstborn. I spent my entire pregnancy worrying that my husband would slip up and utter unsavory words and phrases in front of our children, thus scarring them for life. He rolled his eyes […]


Colic Won’t Kill You But It Will Make You Crazy

My first child screamed for the first 3 months of life. The moment he turned 4 months old, it stopped, and I completely forgot how horrible it was. My amnesia was so profound, I insisted on having a second child. “Are you sure?” my husband asked, reminding me of how exhausting it was to birth […]


8 Tips For Parents Struggling With Anxiety

One of my biggest struggles as a mother is managing my own anxiety. It’s like this huge, invisible monster that hangs out in our house, waiting for the crescendo of my children’s screams to hit just the right pitch before swooping in and swallowing me whole. I’ve always been an anxious person — a nail-biter, […]


Overlooked Essentials Your Family Needs For FallSponsored content

When the seasons change, I want my wardrobe to change as well. I generally have high hopes, meaning, I wistfully peruse my favorite fashion sites to get a handle on what the chic people are wearing before settling down on the couch to eat an apple fritter in the tattered robe I ordered from a […]