Tips For Shared Kids’ Rooms

Tips For Shared Kids' Rooms

Kids don’t have to have their own rooms. Whether are not you need the space, having your kids shack up and sharing a room might be the most appealing option.

If you are limited on space or just want an extra room to do whatever your heart desires, don't be afraid to have your kids share a bedroom, especially in their younger years. With some versatility in decor choices and a good lay out you can create a functional and comfortable space fit for two, or more if necessary.

Bed Layout

If your room is large enough, two beds can be placed parallel to one another, as in the above image from chikaustin. Try to allow at least three feet of space between beds. Use one nightstand centered between the two. You get bonus points for having two shelves underneath, one dedicated to each child.

If parallel beds won't work, consider an "L" shape with a night stand adjoining the heads of each bed. Headboards are best left out of this arrangement since they will render a corner of much needed space useless.

For extra small spaces consider a day bed with a pull out mattress underneath, or a bunk bed.


If you kids don’t want to have the same exact bed linens, choose linens that compliment each other. This really helps give each child a sense of individuality, and is great when there is a brother-sister situation. Choosing matching beds or headboards will help unify different fabrics.

Infant and Toddler Sharing

Having your infant and toddler share rooms is best left off until the baby is sleeping through the night to avoid making those terrible two’s more terrible. In the meantime, have the baby sleep in a bassinet or cradle in Mom and Dad’s room. Make the transition into the crib, not only when the baby is ready, but when you feel your toddler is ready as well.

Tips For Shared Kids' Rooms

image credit: Ohdeedoh


Small matching dressers would be ideal, but if you are really limited on space consider one tall dresser with drawers split equally between each child. Also keep in mind that an organized closet can work wonders for storage and a clear drawer system makes organization even easier. Don’t forget to utilize the space under beds.

Pillow Talk

If you are worried about your little ones having too much pillow talk and not enough sleep, remember that it won’t feel like a sleepover after long. All in all, consider it a bonding experience! 

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